Uttar Pradesh: Anti-CAA protests turn violent, internet blocked in Mau

umashankar tiwari
amit mishra lucknow
According to the Uttah Pradesh police authorities, over nineteen people have been arrested from Tuesday to now in Uttar Pradesh’s Mau. The result of the arrest is connection with the violence that erupted on Monday night’s, resulting from the police action in Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia. To further clarify the matters on ground, an impromptu curfew have been in place within the Mau district after a lot of unsatisfied students, began protesting against the newly implemented citizenship law. The damages recorded is said to be very much, with the police officers deployed to restore peace and the police building not left out of the fracas. Details about the violence stipulates that various protesters had on Monday vandalized a police station and destroyed lots of automobiles as an act to demonstrate their agitation against the newly amended Citizenship Act. The protests, which started peacefully was soon turned violent and aggressive protesters soon begin to act violent, thereby prompting the police at Jamia Millia Islamia fire into the air in a bid to frighten protesters. Explaining the details of the whole incident and protocol leading to the arrests, Director General (Prosecution) Ashutosh Pandey told reporters on Tuesday said –
    “In connection with Monday’s violence in Dakshintola area of Mau, as many as 24 persons have been identified so far. Of this 19 have been arrested. The mischief mongers are being identified through video footage and photos published in various newspapers.”  
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umashankar tiwari
Pandey went further to affirm the claims of internet suspension for the meantime till pending times. He also said the news about the deployment of RAF and PAC was nothing less than the truth. He also said that additional man-power force have being brought in from nearby Police stations within the districts of Ballia, Ghazipur and Azamgarh and so far, the situation is now under control. Meanwhile, every form of educational activities and some business activities have been ineffective since the inception of the violent protests and activities.  
  Following videos of the violent act have sense gone viral on the social media, showcasing that the computer room of Mau’s Dakshintola police station was vandalized, with lots of furniture and computer gadgets being destroyed. Additionally, the police building in itself was not spared. A good part of the police station’s boundary wall was seriously damaged and set ablaze. It took the swift response of fire fighters to put out the fire, else the whole building would have been burnt to the ground.