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School Price List
Effective Feb. 1, 2008


"We will beat any competitors price by 20% on like sizes and quality. 

Just e-mail MBZ Distributing with verifiable pricing." 

**New Products Available ** 

1) Newer IBM 20mm and 21mm balls  ( Same Pricing as the BMB022 )

2) Replacement Trackballs

3) Retainer Rings for Most Microsoft and Logitech Mice

mouse ball replacement
SMB078    7/8 inch gray mouse ball with steel core
SMB022    22mm gray mouse ball with steel core

These mouse balls have the same outside diameter (Apple just calls theirs a 22mm) and are use in 90% of the computer mice on the market today. Manufactures include Microsoft, IBM, Apple/Mac, Logitech, & many generic manufacturers.


1-99 balls $.75 each
100+ balls $ .70 each

LMB01    1" inch gray mouse ball with steel core-heavy weight (25mm)

These mouse balls are used in some older Apple ADB, and generic mice.

1-99 balls $2.00
100+ balls $1.75 each

BMB022    22mm black mouse ball (no steel core) lightweight
These balls are used in most Apple mice mad in Taiwan (ADB and ADB II) and some Logitech.

1-10 balls $1.90
11-99 balls $1.75 each
100+ balls $1.50 each

1-500 balls $6.50


All schools receive net 30 terms
Please mail or fax PO to 605-787-7975
Delivery date 4-5 days ARO
All orders shipped USPS Priority mail or UPS Ground
FED ID# 46-0448525

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